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“Mnipatie Time” Stevo Worried About Finding True Love As Women Flock His DMs

Stevo Simple Boy has declared that he is a single man after his wife Grace Atieno cheated on him and got pregnant for another man.

Stevo and Grace have been in a relationship since 2019 and they moved in together in 2023.

While staying together, Grace became pregnant for another man, and Stevo subtly doesn’t understand how that it happened as he never caught her cheating.

According to him, he knew that the child his wife was carrying was not his flesh and blood but he embraced her, agreeing to continue living with her and supporting him.

“I have never caught her red-handed cheating but we used to communicate even when she would go to their home in Taita. I don’t know how things went wrong,” Stevo said an interview with Trudy Kitui.

He went on to reveal that things took a turn for the worse after the child was delivered as Grace’s relatives called him to inform him that he was not the father of the child.

Stevo was however disappointed by the fact that she couldn’t face him and tell him the truth.

“I loved her as my wife and cared about her. She was wrong for not speaking the truth,” the rapper said.

Despite  being heartbroken, Stevo says that many women want to be with him.  He  requested for time to heal from his  break up, while expressing doubts if he will find true love again.

“Right now I am single but give me time, right now mm many women want to be with Stevo Simple Boy but the problem is will I find the true one? Many want  fame and money. But there is no one who will truly love Stevo Simple Boy,” he said.

The Vichuna singer further said that his marriage has taught him lessons such as getting to know an individual before settling down with them.



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