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Stevo Simple Boy Breaks Up With His Wife After Another Man Impregnated Her

“Nilihisi ball si yangu! Family ya bibi waliniambia mtoto si wangu after amezaliwa!” Stevo Simple Boy says holding back his tears.

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy recently shocked fans with news of his break-up with wife Grace Atieno. The reason behind this heart-wrenching decision? Stevo claims Grace cheated on him and gave birth to another man’s child.

Stevo Simple Boy, known for hits like ‚ÄėFreshi Barida‚Äô, has been struggling with deep sadness and depression ever since he found out about Grace‚Äôs pregnancy with another man’s baby. A close source revealed that Stevo is going through a tough time emotionally and is unsure about what steps to take next.

“Stevo is battling depression. He‚Äôs deeply troubled and considering his next steps. The discovery of his wife‚Äôs pregnancy has hit him hard and he‚Äôs struggling with the situation,” said the source.

The situation took a dramatic turn when leaked information suggested that Stevo denies being responsible for Grace’s pregnancy. He claims that they were already separated when Grace got pregnant and that she returned to him carrying another man’s child.

‚ÄúThe pregnancy is not mine. We weren‚Äôt together after my father‚Äôs funeral and she came back pregnant,‚ÄĚ the rapper stated firmly.

The rapper recounted how his wife’s family delivered the devastating news, shattering his world and leaving him questioning his identity as a father.

The sad news came after the child was born, adding a layer of complexity and heartbreak to the situation.

This revelation has left fans shocked and saddened, as many had admired the couple and hoped for their happiness together.


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