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“Mkichoka Kuongea Mtalala Tu” Raymond Nduga, Man Captured  Beating His Wife Tells Critics

“Kwani tulioa huyu bibi yangu watu wangapi? Raymond Nduga posed online.

This is after a video of him assaulting his wife Dorris Tado emerged online, causing an uproar among Kenyans.

In a post he shared on Facebook, Raymond wondered why people were advising them how they are supposed to live.

“Kwani tulioa huyu bibi yangu watu wangapi ndio mtuambie vile tunafaa kuishi? I love my dear wife, choose your holiday destination wadhi wanyis josem ni gionge maoni e ngimanawa my Doro,” he shared on Facebook.

“He proceeded to share another video with Doris while spending some quality time in bed.

“Mkichoka kuongea mtalala tu,” Raymond Ndunga captioned the video.

On Friday morning, he further shared a photo of him and Doris while having breakfast in bed.

He revealed that he was arrested after the viral incident video but his wife defended him saying that he has never laid hands on her.

“Breakfast in bed, when you sent them to arrest me, my wife said I have never laid my hands on her and tha I’ve only touched her bigness while conjugating so wewe hata ukipiga kelele hapo ati justice for Doro kwani huyo Doro amekuambia anataka justice? Mind your business poor motherf*ck*rs,” he shared on Facebook.




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