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Miracle Baby’s Numerous Baby Mamas Flee Amid His Battle With Stomach Disease 

All baby mamas who were fighting for Miracle Baby when he was rich and popping have disappeared.

The ailing Gengetone rapper-turned-Mugithi singer, whose real name is Peter Mwangi, is being nursed by his partner Carol Katrue alone.

Speaking during a media interview, Katrue lamented that the musician’s several baby mamas had gone underground leaving her alone to take care of Miracle Baby.

“Baby mama wamekua wakimfaitia where are they? A journalist asked Katrue.

“Hawako mi sijaona ata mmoja. Ata ile kupiga simu kuuliza ako aje hakuna ata mmoja. Hao wanatokeanga, walikua wanafanya hivyo wapate jina ju ata wengine walikua wa kujiwekelea si wa ukweli,” she said.

Miracle Baby was admitted to hospital on January 16, 2024, after he was rushed for there medical attention.

The musician underwent surgery after his intestines ruptured.

A fundraiser was held on Wednesday night January 24, 2024, for Miracle Baby as his hospital bill soared to Ksh1 million.

Carol Katrue has stuck with the ailing musician even as his numerous baby mamas have gone underground.

Miracle Baby was a while back christened Father Abraham because of the number of kids he has sired with multiple women.

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