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Gospel Singer Justina Syokau Says Watching Pono Didn’t Save Her Marriage

“I watched pono to see maybe sijui mastyle ama sijui style ya kumpea burungo.” Justina Syokau says.

Gospel singer Justina Syokau has opened up about her tough times in marriage, pointing fingers at adultery as the main cause. Speaking with Obinna in an interview, Syokau revealed that despite a short dating period, her marriage happened swiftly. She stressed that she was a virgin before tying the knot and lost her virginity soon after.

During the conversation, Justina mentioned turning to adult films to learn about intimacy. She shared her experience of watching them, hoping to improve her marriage. However, she found the content unappealing and ineffective in addressing their issues.

“I watched adult films for the first time when I was married, why? I watched to see maybe I didn’t know certain styles because I’ve been a Christian for so long. Maybe I didn’t know how to please my partner,” Justina explained.

Despite her efforts, the singer couldn’t find a solution through this method. She described the experience as unsatisfactory and unhelpful in fixing their problems.

“It wasn’t enjoyable. The way they portrayed it wasn’t even interesting. When you’re married and you see infidelity in your marriage, you often think maybe you’re not satisfying your partner well,” Justina shared.

Since parting ways with her child’s father, Justina claims to have embraced celibacy. However, she remains open to dating a young billionaire.


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