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Mapenzi Wewe! Jackie Matubia Reveals The Craziest Thing She Has Ever Done For Love

Actress Jackie Matubia went out of her to please a man that was once the love of her life

The mother of two left her parents home in Kawangware at 4am and decided to go and help him out with laundry before proceeding to work.

She arrived at the set late, a move that saw her get reprimanded

“There was this time, I was supposed to be on set, I was a kayounging. I move from Ungwaro, that was at 4am, went to a guy’s house in Zimmerman. Nikaenda huko nikamfulia, then I went to set. I got late ikabidi nimepigiwa kelele. Love, Mapenzi wewe,” she said in an interview.

At the same time, she admitted that true love does exist.

“There is love, there are people who give out genuine love, and we are happy for them,” she said.

Matubia was speaking at the launch of her movie Toxic, whose first episode was released on Wednesday April 17.

During the same interview, she was questioned whether the movie was inspired by her baby daddy.

“I am an artist, I am an executive producer, I am an influencer, I tell stories, even from the way I dress, you can tell a story from where I dressed. I always tell stories. So msikuje muanze ooh sijui nini. I am here to tell stories,” she responded.

Mike Saruni, the co-star in the Toxic film on the other hand noted that the movie is based on things that people go through.

“This is something that has happened to everyone. I am sure hata wewe hapo ndani utajiona. Ukijiona wewe furahia tu ujue this is our stories,” he said.




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