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“Nateseka Vibaya!” Lilly Asigo Claims She’s Allegedly Suffering As Jua Cali Is A Narcissist

“This is the last time I’ll allow my kids to see me cry because of a narcissist!” Lilly reveals dark side of her marriage to Jua Cali.

Jua Cali and Lilly Asigo have been married for nearly nine years and share three children together.

Lilly Asigo, the wife of Genge musician Jua Cali, has bravely come forward to share her unhappiness in their marriage, accusing her husband of being a narcissist who has subjected her to emotional and financial abuse. In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Lilly recounted the challenges she has faced in her relationship with the ‘Kiasi’ hitmaker.

She expressed regret for being with Jua Cali, revealing that she initially believed him to be her prince charming when their relationship began. However, as time passed, she discovered a darker side to their marriage, marked by emotional turmoil and financial strain.

Lilly disclosed how she had ignored red flags at the start of their relationship, including Jua Cali’s unusual request for a child on their first date. Despite her initial reservations, Lilly went on to detail the hardships she endured, emphasizing her determination to share her story despite the pain it caused her.

While Lilly Asigo was unable to articulate the full extent of her struggles in videos due to overwhelming emotions, she emphasized her commitment to healing and moving forward from the turmoil caused by Jua Cali’s behavior.

One thing Lilly made clear is her resolve not to let her children witness her suffering at the hands of Jua Cali any longer. She asserted that she would no longer allow herself to be victimized by his narcissistic tendencies, drawing a line in the sand and prioritizing her own well-being and that of her children.

Lilly Asigo’s courage in speaking out against the emotional and financial abuse she has endured serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing domestic struggles and seeking support when needed. jua cali 3

jua cali 3

jua cali 3

jua cali 3


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