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Nyako Asks Netizens Not Share Her Leaked S3xtape For The Sake Of Her Baby Boy

“This video will break my son. Nafeel kama nimeshikwa nikikulana na mbwa!” Nyako cries uncontrollably.

Kenyan TikTok sensation Nyako is in distress after learning that a nvde video of her is on the verge of being leaked online.

In an emotional plea to netizens, Nyako expressed deep regret for her actions and the impending consequences.

In a tearful address, Nyako confessed her lack of pride in herself for engaging in what she described as the “unimaginable.”

She acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, likening it to the feeling of being caught in a compromising act with a dog.

“It’s not right,” Nyako lamented, as she struggles with the impending exposure of the intimate video.

Nyako’s distress extended beyond herself as she voiced concerns for her young son.

Aware of the potential repercussions of the video’s release, she begs netizens to shield her child from the fallout, recognizing the emotional toll it could take on him.

She reveals it’s not right and that it feels like she got caught having lungula with a dog.

@humblesteph1 Nyako at her lowest moment ūüíĒ#nyako #nyakolive #forfun #humblesteph1 #comedyvideo #goviral #fyp #foryoupage ‚ô¨ original sound – AbujiAbby_USA


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