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Lillian Ng’ang’a Reveals How She Makes Money After Dumping Rich Alfred Mutua For Juliani

Everybody wondered how Lillian Ng’ang’a would survive after ending her marriage to Tourism CS Alfred Mutua.

Well, Lillian is thriving in her new world even after Alfred cut her off his millions.

The mother of one recently decided to give her fans and followers a glimpse of what she does for a living.

In a bid to encourage people to get out there more and learn to harness the power of their talents and hobbies turning them into lucrative business ideas, she went on to reveal how she makes money.

“They say if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. Can the things you are good at and enjoy, be shared with others and even monetized?

I’ll go first. Organization: I am a Project Manager, a virtual EA, and an Events Coordinator,” Lillian said.

She went on to add that she is a businesswoman with a huge philanthropic heart. Revealing she has her own humanitarian foundation.

“Travelling: I own a travel company. Charity work: I run #The Lillian Nganqa Foundation,” Lilian added.

Lillian also noted she is an avid reader who hosts a book club. She also said that she uses her YouTube Chanel where she shares her thoughts on various aspects of life, owning to the fact that she is a thinker.

“Reading: I run #LN Book Club. A thinker: I run a YouTube Page (link on my bio) where I share different thoughts,” she shared.

Lillian Nganga and Alfred Mutua officially announced their separation on August 15th 2021, two months after she met and seduced Julius Owino alias Juliani.

Mutua and Lillian were married for 10 years but she threw everything away when she met Juliani in June 2021.

The Tourism CS tried in vain to reconcile with Lillian, even resorting to using threats to get back with her.

Juliani opened up on his relationship with Lillian while speaking during an interview with Saturday Nation.

The Dandora raised rapper revealed that it was Lillian who first made a move on him when they met for the very first time.

Juliani said that Lillian asked for his phone number when they first met and also initiated conversations through text messages.

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