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DJ Mo’s Former Side Chick Margaret Wanyama Gets Married To US Soldier 

DJ Mo cheated on his wife Size 8 with Margaret Wanyama and their marriage nearly ended as a result of his infidelity.

Margaret Wanyama is no longer a threat to Size 8’s marriage as she is taken and concentrating on her own husband.

DJ Mo’s former side chick got married to an American soldier and moved to the US with him.

Margaret is currently a mother and the wife of an American army soldier called Ziggy T. Cole.

The Kenyan hairstylist recently shared a photo of herself kissing her husband while he was clad in military fatigue.


Margaret Wanyama became famous after her affair with DJ Mo was exposed by tea master Edgar Obare.

Sometimes in October 2020, DJ Mo was exposed for having an extra-marital affair with Margaret who was then working as a manicurist in Bahrain.

Margaret shared screenshots of her conversations with DJ Mo and also exposed Size 8’s husband in compromising position during their video call on WhatsApp.

Speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, Margaret said she had been dating the DJ Mo for a while and at some point was pregnant for him. She allegedly terminated the pregnancy.

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