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“Karen Nyamu Asione!” Bernice Saroni and Samidoh Spend Quality Time Together

“No wonder theneta ameshinda akidisplay fallen soldiers leo!” A netizen comments after seeing Samidoh and his cousin together.

Bernice Saroni, the US-based content creator, recently made her way to Kenya for a vacation, and during her visit, she took the opportunity to address some rumors and spend quality time with Kenyan musician Samidoh. Amidst speculations about their relationship, the duo shared a get-together, putting an end to any doubts about their friendship.

One of the rumors and gossip was that Bernice Saroni had influenced Edday Nderitu to part ways with Samidoh. Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s estranged wife and the mother of his children, faced public scrutiny, with some suggesting that Bernice played a role in their separation. However, during an interview, Bernice candidly clarified her position. She emphasized that Samidoh was like family to her and denied any involvement in their personal matters.

The US-based content creator said her relationship with Samidoh was not one of romantic involvement but rather one of friendship and support. She made it clear that Samidoh’s relationship with Edday Nderitu was a matter solely between the two individuals, and any choices made were independent decisions by consenting adults.

Bernice Saroni and Samidoh met up, and the time spent together showed the genuine bond between them. They shared lovely snapshots of their get-together, capturing moments of laughter and joy. The photos put to rest the speculations of any animosity or tension between the two, showcasing their strong friendship and mutual respect.

One particular photograph from their meeting displayed the two in high spirits at a restaurant, radiating positivity.

Samidoh and BerniceSamidoh was seen holding Bernice by the shoulders as they posed for pictures, signifying their deep connection and genuine affection for each other. The smiles on their faces told a story of friendship and shared moments, allowing fans to witness the authenticity of their relationship.

While the public and netizens had speculated about tensions and drama, the reality appears to be quite the opposite. Bernice has made it clear, personal choices and relationships are private matters, and it is essential to refrain from making assumptions about the lives of public figures


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