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Khaligraph, Nadia Mukami Call Out Eric Omondi As He Plans To Drop Song Worth Ksh3.8 Million

“Wimbo yenyewe inaitwa you are p*ussies, KRG, Willy Paul you are all p*ussies, Hio ndio jina ya ngoma” Eric Omondi has revealed the title of his music collaboration with socialite Amber Ray.

The song is set to be dropped on Friday at 10 am. Eric said that he decided to invest Ksh3.8 million in the music video just to show Kenyans artists how things are done, after his other ways failed to bear fruits.

Eric Omondi also slammed musicians like Khaligraph Jones for releasing shoddy songs, noting that his video will serve as a lesson.

“I want to show you how it is done, I have sacrificed my money to release one great video to show you what you are supposed to do,” he said.


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Musicians Nadia Mukami and Khaligraph Jones were however displeased by Eric Omondi and called him out for chasing clout just a day after raising serious concerns.

Commenting on his Instagram post, Khaligraph Jones asked Eric to pick a side so that he can be taken seriously.

According to him, Eric’s move will cost content creators.

“You need to pick 1 fight bro ndio tukuchukue Serious, Yesterday you were spearheading a very important agenda which made me go the studio and Record a song addressing the same matter, for once I was on the same page you leo sasa Umeingia tena clout chasing? Alafu Kesho tena uanze Ku Adress president kama comedian Rika yako? We ndio utafanya content creators wakuwe taxed, grow up,” the rapper stated.

Responding to him, the comedian said that he was grateful for the support that Khaligraph showed on Monday and further said that plans of releasing the music video will however go on as planned.

” Nashukuru sana kwa hio support ya jana.¬† Ni muhimu tushikane kizee lakini Friday bado nitawashaa,” Eric said.

On the other hand, Nadia said that the clouts in the entertainment industry was displeasing, adding that Eric Omondi’s move will make artists look like jokers.

“√Čric you had a clear vision and your statements made sense!! But you keep changing your tune every single day!!! We cannot take you seriously! Jana I was in a discussion nakutetea that finally Eric has chosen a direction! Leo I come here and see this nonesense!! As OG said unafanya tusichukuliwe serious as an industry! Hizi clout chase na our industry haibambi ata kidogo!!! Pick a side! NKT,” the mother of one said.


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