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“It’s Not Easy For Men To Come Out And Speak” Kevin Mboya Sheds More Light On What Happened in Kwale

Kevin Mboya fears being trolled and called names even as he sheds more light on what really happened in Kwale.

Mboya went to Kwale county to surprise his lover but he returned heartbroken and in pain.

He noted that even though he is willing to give an account of what happened, he feared being bullied on social media and being called names.

He noted that his African male ego is another hindrance to opening up and telling Kenyans what exactly happened.

“Thank you to everyone who has come out to encourage me to speak out about what really happened in Kwale. In an African setup, it’s not easy for men to come out and speak about these things because of the male ego and also because you will be judged and called names to ashame you,” Mboya tweeted.

Mboya ultimately decided to talk about what happen in a YouTube video.

Watch below:


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