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Kenyan Bloggers Respond After Zari Slammed Them For Making Her Look Old

Zari looked way older when she arrived in Kenya than she appears in her social media photos.

The 43-year-old mother of five was in Kenya on December 15, 2023, to attend the Women in Business Award ceremony.

When she landed in Kenya at the JKIA, she was interviewed by several media.

The videos from those interviews led to her being mocked by Ugandans who said she looked older.

Critics used screenshot from the interview to compare her with Tanasha Donna after they partied together on December 16 in Kampala at her white party.  

Zari later claimed that Kenyan blogs edited her picture.

“Editing your videos to satisfy your empty souls doesn’t change my reality. Phew, I’m gorgeous. And it’s always the 20s and 30s pressed about a 40-year-old. Hehe mwe muloza people don’t see me in real to know nti ndi mulungi live. Just did a press conference. All videos released were media videos. Facts!” Zari ranted.

Kenyan blogger 2mbili responded to Zari’s editing claims while hanging out with Thicky Sandra.

“Zari we recorded her the other day and said we edited her video to look bad. We don’t do that by the way. It’s trending in Uganda. You know I can’t record you in a Snapchat for one hour. She accepted an interview at the airport without makeup. She was easy with it, but now the outcome…She accepted the video, but now the pressure of Ugandans saying …oh ati they edited the 7d graphics,” 2Mbili said.


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