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“I Started Driving At Age 6” Sandra Mbuvi Brags How She Flouted Traffic Rules Because Of Her Powerful Dad

Sandra Mbuvi said her dad Mike Sonko aided her to disregard traffic rules as she started driving at a young age.

Speaking to YouTuber 2mbili about her lifestyle, Sandra revealed that her dad allowed her to start driving when she was only 6 years old.

She disclosed that her father, former Nairobi governor, bought her the first car when she was 8 years old.

“I started driving when I was around 6 years old. I used to do the buggy rides then from there I got my first car. It was a smart car. when I was roughly around 8 years old. I used to do those buggy races and stuff,” Sandra Mbuvi said.

She disclosed how many vehicles she owns adding that the most popular is her Red Range Rover which was an 18th birthday gift from her dad.

“The ones that I own myself are 4, but kuna zile ziko tu…” explaining that she keeps it private because she fears ‘show off’ accusations.

“I’m just living my life. I’m not showing off to be fair.”

Sandra Mbuvi also talked about the money, revealing that she always walks around with a loose change of about Ksh10,000 when she is very broke.

“If I’m gonna go to Mombasa I will have like roughly 200k. Either cash or I use my credit card coz I don’t like carrying cash. I lose cash. There was a time I was walking and I had like 40k in my pocket and I lost it, it fell somewhere and I didn’t realize anything, coz I was using my phone to pay. I’m broke when I have 10k.”

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