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Karen Nyamu Speaks On Her Relationship Status After Asking For Friends Who Could Teach Her ‘Bad Things’ 

Kenyan politician and social media influencer Karen Nyamu addressed rumors surrounding her relationship during a session on TikTok.

The drama began when Nyamu posted a video expressing her desire for friends who could take her out and teach her “bad things.”

She also confessed that her introverted lifestyle has left her feeling tired and in need of people who could spoil her.

A fan commented on the video, suggesting that Nyamu was seeking friends because she had been left by her lover.

“When you’re in a relationship, you pretend to be an introvert, but when they leave you, that’s when you start looking for friends. I refuse to be used like that,” the fan commented.

Nyamu responded with a question that seemed to shut down the rumor.

“Are there people who still believe I can be left by a man?” she asked.

Karen Nyamu kuachwa

Her response was a clear indication that she is still very much in a relationship with her lover Samidoh, and that rumors of their breakup are simply baseless.

Nyamu later took to social media to address the speculation, saying, “I’m not sure what’s going on with some of you people. Just because I’m tired of being alone and want some friends doesn’t mean I’ve been left by someone.”

The statement appears to be a clear denial of the rumors, and reinforces Nyamu’s previous claims about the status of her relationship.

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