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Karen Nyamu Says She’s A Socialite And Senator Is Just A Side Hustle

“I’m a socialite, Senator ni side hustle!” Karen Nyamu says.

Karen Nyamu found herself at the center of controversy after referring to herself as a “socialite” during a trip to New York City.

Nyamu’s response to a fan who questioned her priorities has ignited a debate about balancing public office with personal pursuits.

Nyamu’s social media post, where she mentioned being in New York City and planning to enjoy herself, drew attention from one of her followers who asked whether she was a senator or a socialite.

In response, Nyamu boldly stated that she is indeed a socialite and that being a senator is her side hustle. This seemingly casual remark has sparked mixed reactions, with many expressing concern about her dedication to her senatorial responsibilities.

Critics argue that as an elected official, Nyamu should prioritize her duties over personal interests, especially when representing the people who entrusted her with their votes.

Some view her public persona, often involving controversial personal matters and romantic relationships, as a distraction from her legislative work.

However, Nyamu’s supporters defend her right to pursue a fulfilling personal life outside of politics. They point out that she is entitled to leisure time and should not be judged solely based on her social media presence.



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