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Why Diamond Platnumz Cancelled His Marriage On Wedding Day

Diamond Platnumz has three baby mamas and four kids currently with Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna.

Diamond reportedly cancelled his wedding to Sofia on the very day it was supposed to happen. He is dating his label Wasafi Records artist, Zuchu.

Esma Khan, his elder sister has shed light on the events leading up to this unexpected turn of events, revealing insights into the family’s role and Diamond’s stance on marriage.

Esma Khan disclosed that their mother, Sandra popularly known as Mama Dangote, played a significant role in pushing Diamond towards marriage with Sofia, a lady the family approved of. Despite their efforts, Diamond’s reluctance to commit became evident when he called off the wedding at the last minute, stunning everyone involved.

Esma Khan reveals that an advance wedding team had already gone to Sofia’s home to arrange the dowry payment. All that remained was the official introduction to Sofia’s family, a moment for which Diamond and his groomsmen had even gone as far as getting matching outfits imported from Turkey. Initially enthusiastic about the upcoming event, Diamond had welcomed Sofia into their home for her introductory visit.

However, as the scheduled day drew near, Diamond experienced a change of heart. He contacted Sofia and informed her that he had reconsidered the entire arrangement, opting to call off the wedding because he believed he wasn’t emotionally prepared for such a commitment at that time, as revealed by Esma.

The family’s determination to see Diamond settle down stems from a desire for him to embrace a traditional family life, aligning with societal expectations and familial wishes.

Esma emphasized that while the family has expressed their desire for Diamond to marry, they also respect his decison and acknowledge that timing and readiness are crucial factors in such significant life decisions.

The family still hopes that one day, he will get married.

Diamond has two kids with Zari Hassan, one with Tanasha Donna and one with Hamisa Mobetto albeit paternity questions as he’s never fully acknowledged her son.


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