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Karen Nyamu, Edday Nderitu Once Again Compete For Samidoh’s Attention 

Apparently Edday has not left Samidoh as we all thought, and this is unnerving Karen Nyamu.

Edday Nderitu demonstrated she still has some fire burning for her husband as he celebrated his 33rd birthday.

The US-based mother of three celebrated her husband’s birthday together with her children. She had her children sing a birthday song for Samidoh.

Edday and their youngest daughter Nimu sang Samidoh a traditional song. In a video posted on social media, the mother of three is seen encouraging her daughter with lyrics to the song.

Samidoh’s son Michael also sang him a birthday song. Edday is also heard in the background praising her son.

“I love you daddy,” the young boy said after singing the birthday song to his father.

Samidoh shared all those videos on his Instagram stories.

After Edday and the kids sang birthday song to Samidoh, the Mugithi singer wrote a love poem to his wife.

Noticing Edday was stealing all the glamour from her, Karen Nyamu rushed to throw his baby daddy a lavish birthday party.

The mother of three treated Samidoh to a football-themed birthday party. She had his birthday cake embellished with the colours of his favourite football club Chelsea.



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