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“Aambiwe Sitishiki” Samidoh Responds After Nameless Questions His Dealings With Wahu 

Nameless was not comfortable with Samidoh being around his wife given his reputation.

The veteran singer was seen keeping a hawk-eye on Samidoh as he interacted with Wahu in a photo he shared on social media.

Nameless was standing a few steps away from Samidoh and Wahu as they got lost in a conversation.

“KunaEdaje hapa,” Nameless captioned the photo.

Samidoh shared the same photo while sending a message back to Nameless, insting that he could not be threatened.

“Si huyu jamaa aambiwe sitishiki!😜 @nameless @wahukagwi,”  Samidoh wrote.

Commenting on Samidoh’s post, a netizen by the name Waridi Waridi told the Mugithi singer not to elope with Nameless’ wife.

“Kindly, usichukulie Nameless bibi tafadhali,” Waridi posted.

Wahu laughed off Waridi’s concerns while reacting to her comment.

“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” Wahu Kagwi posted.

The whole thing was however just a light banter made in light of Samidoh’s reputation of being polygamous.

The Mugithi singer has been embroiled in endless dramas with his baby mama Karen Nyamu and his wife Edith Nderitu.

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