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Kanze Dena Painfully Recalls The Tragic Death Of Her Firstborn Daughter

Kanze Dena, the former State House Spokesperson, recently offered a poignant glimpse into her parenting journey and the lasting impact of losing her first child.

In a candid interview with Parents Magazine, Dena shared how the heartbreaking loss of her daughter 24 years ago continues to influence her approach to motherhood, especially in raising her two sons.

Recalling the tragedy, Dena opened up about how her son Amani, who celebrated his 18th birthday in April, is aware of his late sister’s existence.

“My son Amani knows he had a sister, and we talk about it. He knows he is not the first-born, even when you ask he will tell you he knows he is not the first-born,” Dena affirmed, underscoring the depth of their discussions.

This openness has not only allowed Amani to grasp his family’s history but has also served as a means for Dena to navigate her grief.

“It also helped me with my grieving. We talk, and sometimes he would tell me [‘I keep wondering if my big sister would be here, you know you would not be harsh, the way you are harsh to me right now’],” she shared.

By fostering such dialogue, Dena has created a space for her son to explore his emotions while providing herself with an avenue to process her loss. Through their shared conversations, they honor the memory of Dena’s daughter and find solace in their connection as a family.

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