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Kamene Goro Lists 5 Strong Points Why She Won’t Have Kids With Her Fiancé 

Kamene Goro is engaged but one thing raises eyebrows about her relationship – she doesn’t want to be married per se or have children with her fiancé.

Kamene revealed that she was engaged last year in November. Speaking to Youtuber Nicholas Kioko she said her engagement does not necessarily mean it would end up in marriage.

“I have a ring because I’ve been taken off the market, it’s a guarantee of the sort but I’m not engaged to be married,” she said.

Fast forward to February 2022, the 29-year-old listed reasons why she can’t have a child during a recent interview.

The Kiss FM presenter lamented that it was getting more expensive to raise a child and that she is not ready to keep up with the sacrifices attached to child-bearing.

“Kids are not in my plan. It is a bit tedious and they are a lot of sacrifices and it is one I probably don’t want to make. Plus they are expensive, think of school fees, health care and more. I don’t want a little version of me. What will I do with a little version of me?” Kamene said.

She added that;

“This whole nine months thing looks like a lot of time, what I have heard about pregnancies is very scary. There’s the giving birth, it’s not an easy thing. I want to have full liberty over my life. I want to wake up and say, I want to go to Zanzibar.”

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