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4 Times Amber Ray Eloped With Other Women’s Husbands, Even Using Witchcraft To Ensnare Married Men

Amber Ray has wrecked at least three marriages, and the fourth marriage she was about to destroy is Risper Faith and Brian Njunge’s.

The Kamba socialite was first embroiled in a public spat over someone’s husband sometimes in 2016 when Aaliyah Zaheer, wife to prominent Kisii politician Zaheer Jhanda, exposed her for having an illicit affair with her husband.

Aaliyah Zaheer posted on Facebook that one Faith Makau aka Amber Ray had gone to a witchdoctor so that she could get love portions to charm her husband, a claim Amber Ray refuted.

Complete with photographic evidence of Amber Ray in a shack, holding two chickens, one white and black, and covered from head to toe in strange clothing, Aaliyah says the picture was taken in a witchdoctor’s den where Amber had gone to seek portions to ensnare Jhanda.

“ me and my family you are a non-issue apart from this time you have done the unbelievable at your age you can resort to witchcraft. Ladies beware…”, read part of her post.

Aaliyah Zaheer accused Amber of trying to snatch her husband and father to their four kids and feared that the lass was using juju power to attract her husband’s attention and money.

Zaheer Jhanda with Amber Ray
Zaheer Jhanda with Amber Ray

“I only got to know about the alleged affair after my trip to China, when my neighbours and sons told me that a strange lady has been visiting our matrimonial home while I was away on the trip. Prior to these, my family lived happily. My husband is a loving, humble family man and we have not experienced fights before,” Aaliyah Zaheer said during an interview with the Nairobian.

Zaheer Jhanda ultimately married Amber Ray as his second but they parted ways in 2018.

In August 2018, Amber Ray publicly announced that she was no longer dating the controversial politician turned businessman.

“I would like to inform you that I am no longer married to Zaheer and no one should link me to him or his family in whatever way. It has been a great couple of years despite the challenges that I have come across, I apologise to my son and my family for all the insults they have had to bear in the past because of my decisions,” wrote Amber Ray.

After breaking up with Zaheer Jhanda, Amber Ray quickly hooked up with former rapper and a promoter Syd aka Santorini Bae.

Amber Ray and Syd
Amber Ray and Syd

Amber Ray hooked up with Syd – a married man with kids – in August 2018 and by December same year they had already broken up.

After breaking with Syd, Amber Ray dated Vera Sidika’s husband (though they were not married then) Fredrick Kilonzo Mutinda alias Brown Mauzo.

Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo
Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo

The two lovebirds dated from 2019 up to early 2020 before parting ways.

“Every moment creates a memory the heart loves and my soul has finally chosen you @Iam_Amberray,” read one of Mauzo’s message to Amber.

After breaking up with Brown Mauzo, Amber Ray once again eloped with a married man – Jamal ‘Rohosafi’ Marlow.

Jamal and Amber Ray have had an on/off relationship for about two years. They started dating in 2020 and ultimately went public with their relationship in December same year.

In April 2021 Amber Ray confirmed she had been married to Jamal Marlow as his second wife, three months later in July she announced their marriage had hit rock bottom and that they had parted ways.

Amber Ray publicly split from Jamal shortly after she traded insults with his first wife Amira.

However, Jamal and Amber Ray started flirting with each other again months after their marriage crumbled.

Things got ugly in November when Jamal’s first wife Amira decided to file for divorce from him for disrespecting her on various occasions by rekindling his love with Amber Ray.

Amber Ray and Jamal Marlow
Amber Ray and Jamal Marlow

With Amira out of the picture, Jamal and Amber Ray ultimately decided to renew their love full swing.

However, Jamal and Amber Ray reunion didn’t last for long as they broke up again in January 2022.

Amber Ray confirmed the breakup through a post on social media where she announced that she was single and ready to mingle.

“Those I dated 2021 Your certificates are Out Please come and collect them & 2022 intake ongoing ….Chances are
limited ? #amberthebrand,” wrote Amber Ray on January 24th.

After her marriage with Jamal hit rock bottom, Amber Ray is once again salivating after another married man, Risper Faith’s husband Brian Njunge.

The Kamba socialite targeting Risper Faith’s husband, but the bootyful socialite won’t just sit down and watch her marriage destroyed.

Risper Faith exposed Amber Ray for hitting on her husband on February 12th. She appeared on Instagram video captioned “Kina Amber muachane Na bwanangu kabisaa”.

Risper Faith vowed to destroy Amber Ray if she will not leave her husband alone.

“Hatakama Life is for the living mimi nitakuharibu. Siezi vumilia kuona hio tabia. Iwe Mara ya Mwisho. Amber Ray nitaexpose screenshots zote ukiendelea kuchat na bwanangu vile umezoea. Nitakuhaibisha last warning,” Risper Faith ranted.

Risper Faith with her husband Brian Njunge
Risper Faith with her husband Brian Njunge



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