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Kamene Goro Claps Back At Netizens Who Trolled Her For Washing Omena With Soap

Kamene Goro has broken silence after she went viral for washing omena with soap and disinfectant.

Taking to her Insta stories, Kamene told off those who were worked up by her viral video saying she is currently enjoying herself by the beach

“Still pressed about the omena na baby girl ako by the beach, read that again,” she said.

The former Kiss FM was on top of the trending list on Wednesday after a video of her washing sardines with soap emerged online.

Most of Kenyans criticized her as others lay bare the dangers that were awaiting her and her husband if they would consume the meal.

“Kamene Goro,Washing Omena with Soap and disinfectant before cooking is unacceptable with regards to food safety. This is direct chemical food poisoning. Chemically poisoning the food you want to serve to your family. This country need real education on food safety,” a netizen shared his thoughts on the video.

“Just saw Kamene Goro washing omena with soap and disinfectant before cooking.I mean,talk about clout-chasing! Next,we’ll see her blow-drying sukuma wiki. Kamene,we love your dedication to cleanliness,but let’s leave the kitchen Olympics for another day,” said another.

In the viral video, Oga Obinna and Kamene’s husband were present. They however did not understand why she would wash Omenas like that.

DJ Bomez attempted to stop her saying that they would diarrhoea.

Kamene however told him that they previously ate such omenas but they didn’t encounter any harm.

DJ Bonez also spoke about the viral video saying that they ate the meal after it was prepared.

“We nilikuamboia nini ndugu yangu kuhusu haya mambo, ni kama hunijui sijui hujawahi ambiwa kunihusu, mimi sipendi mambo ya mtandao, nakuomba usiwahinipigia simu kuhusu mambo ya kishenzishenzi kama haya,‚ÄĚ he first lectured a radio presenter who asked him about the video and went ahead to say,¬†‚ÄúYeah tulikula.”



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