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Justina Syokau Expresses Her Joy After Ending 10 Year Dry Spell 

“Game kitandani hayuko vibaya, unajua hio ndo kila kitu kwa mkamba,” gospel singer Justina Syokau praised her new man.

The controversial singer a week ago took to the streets carrying a placard saying she was looking for a 25-year-old billionaire to be her life partner.

Speaking during a recent interview with Kamba singer Stephen Kasolo, Justina Syokau claimed she was already married to the 25-year-old billionaire she was looking for.

The controversial singer further said that the billionaire ended her 10 year dry spell.

“Ni harusi ya ukweli naweza sema yakwamba ukiwa msanii huwezi fanya kitu public. Nimepata mume nimetulia wale ambaye walikua wanaskia nko na dry spell ya 10 years sasa dry spell hamna anymore,” Justina Syokau said.

“Imetoka na wiki moja?” Stephen Kasolo asked.

“Wiki moja ama ni masiku tu,” she replied.

“Kwani billionaire ako aje?” Stephen Kasolo asked.

“25 years teke. 25 years anashiaga mtu. Acha tusiongee sana,” she answered.

Justina Syokau further stated that as long as she was satisfied in bed she didn’t mind other things.

“Game kitandani hayuko vibaya, unajua hio ndo kila kitu kwa mkamba. Ukipita mtihani ya kitandani nadhani kila kitu iko sawa,” she said.

Justina Syokau decided to avoid men and s3x like ebola after her marriage crumbled in 2013.

The controversial singer was only married for one year when shit hit the fun and she opted to leave and raise her son as a single mother.

Justina embraced celibacy as she focused on raising her son after walking away from her matrimonial home.

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