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John Demathew Widow: I Gave My Late Husband A Place To Sleep And He Married Me

Caroline Demathew, the second wife of the late Kikuyu benga musician John Demathew, has revealed how she ended up in a polygamous marriage.

The widow recently engaged with her followers on her YouTube channel where she opened up about her marriage to the late musician.

During the live session, she addressed questions from Kenyans about her life, including why she became a second wife.

In response to the question, Caroline clarified that she didn’t actively choose to become a second wife. Instead, she recounted how her relationship with John Demathew unfolded.

She described how John used to call her late at night while he was at clubs, and even in the early hours of the morning. She learned that he often slept in his car due to his busy lifestyle.

Caroline, out of concern for his well-being, invited John to sleep at her house. Initially, he would sleep in a chair, but gradually their relationship evolved, and they found themselves in a marital bond.

Despite not consciously choosing the role of a second wife, Caroline emphasized that she deeply loved John.

She highlighted John’s humility and the respectful way he treated her as factors that strengthened their relationship. Moreover, John introduced Caroline to his family and community, which made her feel valued and appreciated.

Caroline also mentioned that she was instructed to respect John’s first wife, and she diligently adhered to this, contributing to the smooth functioning of their marriage.

Overall, she shared that their mutual love, respect, and understanding played vital roles in making their marriage work.

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