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“I am In The Best Place” Mungai Eve Opens Up On Dating Again After Splitting With Trevor

YouTube Content Creator Mungai Eve has opened up about her split with Director Trevor saying she harbors no hard feelings for him.

Speaking to CEO Wycliffe during her birthday vacation in Dubai, the journalist said that she doesn’t hold grudges because she has so much on her plate, hence there is no time for that.

She added that she is in a happy place now but also grateful that Trevor was part of her story.

“Everything happens for a reason. I thank God I am each and everyday I am a very grateful person. Where I am right now I am really grateful, not to say that where I was I wasn’t grateful just to say some things just happen in life for the better. I wouldn’t want to dwell so much on that because it is on the past but I can say I am a happy girl,” Eve said.

“I don’t have any bad blood with anyone. I wish them all the best. It would be so bad for you to have known somebody for so long then you start having grudges and everything. They were part of my story and that is why I would never ever sit down and start addressing some issues.

“I have no bad blood with anyone. Having grudges is just too much to handle on my plate. I have people looking up to me,  I am not the kind of person who keeps grudges. If you wrong me I would come to you directly and maybe if that is the end of our relationship/ friendship that is it, if we continue it is okay,” the YouTuber went on.

Wycliffe questioned her if she is currently seeing some one else and Eve responded saying;

“Currently, I am in the best place, when the right time comes and I feel like I can share that part of me with the online family I am gonna share it.”

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