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Jeff Mwathi’s Death Will Always Raise More Questions Than Answers- Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu has weighed in on  Jeff Mwathi’s demise saying it will always raise more questions than answers.

This is because, suspects were cleared and none of them shared  details of the circumstance leading to Jeff’s death.

“This why Jeff’s death will always raise more questions than answers. After an incident like that every one in that house is a suspect. They get cleared later if they are innocent. No single arrest, no story in the circumstance leading to Jeff’s suicide by those he was with. No story whatsoever. Nothing,” the mother of three said on Insta stories..

Nyamu shared her thoughts on the matter while referring to a case whereby a college students died in a manner similar to Jeff’s.

Catherine Njeri fell to her death from the 7th floor of a building in  Gacharage, Kiambu on Sunday at around 9.30 pm.

The Kenya Institute of Management student had visited the building for a party with friends.

So far, five people, who were with the her have been placed in custody as police continue with investigations.

It is alleged that Njeri left for the balcony in the company of a man. A struggle ensued between them before she fell. Her friends inside the house were unaware of what had transpired and were only informed by neighbors.




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