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“Tunajua Nani Anataka Kunyonya” Bahati Told After Asking Diana Marua To Return Home

Singer Bahati took to Instagram and asked netizens to tell Diana Marua to return home so that their baby can feed.

Bahati accompanied the post with a video of Diana dancing to her new song Narudi Soko together with several TikTok dancers.

“Mkipatana na Diana B! Tik Tok Muambieni arudi kwa Nyumba @malaika_bahati anataka Kunyonya. (If you come across Diana on Tiktok tell her to return home, Malaika Bahati wants to suckle),” the father of five said.


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A netizen however commented on his post insinuating  that Bahati was the one who wanted to suckle and not the baby.

“Tunajua nani anataka kunyonya. Watu si wajinga buanaaa,” Eric Martinez said.

Diana’s song was dropped on Wednesday and it has since garnered 373k views on YouTube.

In the song, Diana mentioned several celebrities including Andrew Kibe saying that he will die in ghetto because he is poor.

Kibe however did not take the diss lying die. In his response he referred to Diana as a prostitute.

He also slammed Bahati for allowing Diana to bring his gospel music career to an end.

“Imagine shosh anaproduce ngoma. Ilikuwa ni p*ko ya mtaa. Hakuna sponyo hio town hajakula hio ki** na sahii ameenda akaproduce ngoma. Where is Kabahanye now, kako kwa nyumba kana babysit. At least she is not as puny as those men she has married. You know she has married many men,” Kibe claimed.

Bahati was also concerned that Diana had mentioned his friends in the song.

“But Babe Wacha Kutaja Marafiki Zangu 🙈🙈🙈 Unanikosanisha Na Marafiki Zangu, Stakiii Shidaaa Mimii,” he recently said.



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