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“I Love You!” Akothee Professes Her Love To Miguna Miguna After Omosh’s Character Development

“Nilipigwa character development na Omosh!” “I have fully recovered and I am okay now!” Akothee says.

Akothee has reflected on her journey through love, heartbreak, and the lessons learned along the way. Sharing her story with her followers, she begins by acknowledging that sometimes in life, there are certain individuals you can never advise, and chief among them are women who find themselves in different stages of their romantic lives.

Akothee says, “Three people you can never advise in life; a woman in love, a woman ready to settle down, and a woman in need of a family.”

Madam Boss further shares her own love story, opening up about the moment when she met Denis famously known as Omosh. She emphasizes that their paths crossed at a time when she was emotionally prepared to settle down. The love, attention, and companionship he provided filled a void in her life.

The relationship with Denis seemed like a perfect match at the time, offering her the companionship and love she yearned for. However, she admits to ignoring the warning signs and convincing herself that this relationship was the right one for her.

In a post seen by Akothee also reveals her adoration towards Miguna Miguna, thanking him for being a source of support and protection.

Akothee and Mister OmoshDuring a live session, the mother of five openly discussed her brief marriage, confirming that she made the decision to end it back in June while she and Omosh were on their honeymoon.

She stated, “I have moved on from it. It no longer exists. I want to let you know that I walked away from that relationship back in June. However, I won’t delve into the details.”

“I did find joy in my marriage; I cherished my wedding day. I have no regrets. I deliberately chose to have my wedding on my birthday, just in case things went awry, as they have, so that I wouldn’t have any regrets.”


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