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“I’m Buying Diana Marua A Private Jet This Year” – Bahati Announces

Bahati has made a big announcement to buy a private jet as an anniversary gift for his wife, Diana Marua this year.

They’ve been together for eight years, and to celebrate this special occasion, Bahati is planning to buy Diana a private jet. Last year, they celebrated their seventh anniversary with a lunch, inviting friends like Terence Creative and his wife. But it was a video shared on Diana’s YouTube page that caught everyone’s attention. Diana was overwhelmed with emotions when Bahati surprised her with a blue Range Rover Evoque.

Bahati explained that this car was a token of gratitude for choosing him and that it was the only blue one of its kind in the country.

Their love story has been quite the talk among fans. They recently had a traditional wedding, keeping it intimate with only close family and friends.

Bahati shared that Diana’s father blessed their union and wished them a happy and lasting marriage. As part of their anniversary celebrations, Bahati promised Diana seven gifts, with the blue Range Rover being the seventh.

Netizens are curious about when the couple will have their official wedding ceremony.

Some feel that Bahati should have prioritized the wedding before showering Diana with extravagant gifts.

With the announcement of the private jet as their eighth-anniversary gift, it seems Bahati is aiming for the skies to show his love for Diana.

Their journey together has been filled with surprises and heartfelt moments, and their fans eagerly await to see what the future holds for this power couple.

Their love story continues to capture the hearts of many.


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