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Nyota Ndogo Offers To Pay Stevo Simple Boy’s Education To Avoid Being Exploited

“When we met Stevo at that show in Nairobi, I looked at him and felt so sorry because he seemed lost. It’s like he was being controlled, told what to do and how to do it,” Nyota Ndogo says.

Nyota Ndogo has extended her helping hand to Stevo Simple Boy, who is facing numerous challenges, by committing to sponsor his return to school for education in reading and writing.

Making her intentions clear via her Facebook page, Nyota Ndogo expressed her desire to assist the artist, who has received help in the past but has unfortunately found himself back in the same difficulties.

She says the major obstacle faced by Stevo Simple Boy is his lack of education in reading and writing.

In proposing a solution to manage Stevo’s recurring issues, Nyota Ndogo emphasized that the key step to resolving his problems is to provide him with educational support to learn to read and write. According to her, this is the only way he can gain self-reliance in all aspects of his life.

“If I were to assist Stevo Simple Boy, my first action would be to enroll him in school to at least acquire basic education like mine. At least, he should learn to read and write a little. I won’t even solicit funds for this because I’ll educate him according to my limited ability, but I believe it will help him,” Nyota Ndogo stated.

“I’ve read many comments where people say he doesn’t know how to read or write. This means his social media accounts, without his ability to read and write, he’ll never be able to manage them. It’s important for him to learn. Don’t contribute to return his accounts because he still doesn’t know how to use them. I myself lack formal education, but I know how to read and write a little, and it pushes me forward every day.” Nyota Ndogo explains.

Stevo’s manager is asking for 150K to access his social media passwords, a move that has left many netizens feeling sorry for the budding Kibera rapper.

“If this young man doesn’t receive help, his life will slip away just like that. In short, I feel he’s suffering a lot. I wished to pull him aside and talk to him about the opportunities he could have, to hold his hand and find him a place, even help him build a small room. But he can’t stand alone. He’s being managed so that no one can approach him to help him grow or say anything to him. I saw a cry for help in his eyes,” Nyota Ndogo argues.


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