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“I Wonder Why I Have Never Dated Kenyan women” Harmonize Says As Kajala Dates Mystery Kenyan Man

Harmonize has turned his attention to Kenyan women even as Kajala is dating Kenyan man.

Speaking at a gig he performed in Thika, Harmonize said Vera Sidika is the girl in Kenya he could date if he decides to date a woman from the country.

The Bongo singer opened up about his feelings for Vera while praising Kenyan girls who were shaking their hips while cheering him on while he was performing on stage.

“From time to time I wonder why I have never dated the beautiful Kenyan women, but I miss a lot… there is a manzi from Nairobi who I find attractive, who will I say…. someone told me that Vera Sidika does not have a boyfriend, is it true,” he asked.

Harmonize’s infatuation with Kenyan women comes even as his ex Friday Kajala is dating a mystery Kenyan politician.

Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva in April 2023 when she was in Nairobi, Kajala revealed that she was dating a Kenyan politician.

“I moved on. I have someone who hails from Kenya. I am not joking. He is known, he is a politician I can not mention him,” Kajala said.

Kajala also praised her secret lover saying that she got the man of her dreams.

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