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Akothee Replies To Fan Asking If Omosh Infected Her With Syphilis

“Is it true Omosh alikupea kaswenderee?” A netizen asks Madam Boss Akothee.

In a recent TikTok live session, Akothee, addressed the speculations surrounding her breakup with Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh. Putting an end to the rumors, she shared insights into the reasons behind her decision to part ways with her former husband.

Akothee revealed that she officially ended her relationship with Omosh in June, asserting that the dynamics of the relationship were not in alignment with her happiness. Demonstrating her straightforward approach to relationships, she emphasized that when things don’t work for her, she doesn’t hesitate to walk away.

Akothee further disclosed that she became aware of certain aspects of Omosh’s character during their honeymoon, which she found challenging to overlook. This discovery played a pivotal role in her choice to exit the relationship. She expressed her belief in not forcing issues, saying, “When it is not working for me, it is not just working.”

Despite the breakup, Akothee had positive words for Omosh, acknowledging that he entered her life during a challenging period and was a loving partner. She maintained that she holds no regrets about their wedding, considering it a dream come true at that point in her life.

With Nelly Oaks making a return to her life, Akothee seems to be in a state of contentment and healing.Akothee Responding to a netizen’s question about whether Omosh had infected her with Syphilis, she humorously replied, “Na ukimwi juu yake Yani niko na CD count 4!”

A netizen asked her if Mr Omosh had infected her with Syphilis saying,”Is it true Omosh alikupea kaswenderee?”


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