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“I Wasn’t Pleased With The Thing She Told Me” Akothee, Migori Woman Rep Want To Tear Each Other Apart

Akothee says Migori Woman Rep feels threatened by her because she thinks she will vie for her seat in 2027.

According to Akothee, Migori Woman Rep Fatuma Mohamed has been sending people to intimidate her even when she has made it clear to her that she does not want to vie for any political seat.

“Woman Representatives supporters, you can’t stop me from vying if I want to vie. I don’t need any ticket to vie, it’s just that I do not want to join politics. So don’t push me to that side. I am addressing supporters of the current Woman Rep,” Akothee ranted.

Akothee revealed that she reached out to Fatuma Mohamed to inquire about projects related to women that she could support.

“My only concerns, I called her excellency to ask her the projects she had for women so that I could support her but she did not pick up my calls. I only heard from her people that I am threatening her. I am like, I am the president of single mothers, how can I start fighting for woman rep position?”

She added that the Migori Woman Rep ignored her calls, and that things escalated further when they met in person.

“So we met in one of the launch in Migori, we sat on the same seat. I told her, I am not interested in politics, so, take it from me. I wasn’t pleased with the thing she told me. She told me that some MCAs called her and told her that the first lady is grooming me to take her seat. Do I look like someone who can be groomed for politics?” Akothee questioned.

Akothee additionally said the Migori Woman Rep referred to her as a prostitute when she met First Lady Rachel Ruto.

“We had gone there with the First Lady Mama Rachel to support women and I was wondering why she was not there. She said, ‘there is an MCA who called me that we can’t give a prostitute votes and we are supporting you’. I later received threat calls from people alleging to be from the Women Rep. I will not keep quiet incase anything happens to me, you will know I told you. Nobody can deny me entrance in Migori. I am a people’s love and I work for Kenyans who love me.”


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