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Diamond Platnumz’s Sister Esma Gets Married For The Second Time

“Ako na nyota ya ndoa!” Netizens say as Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma gets married again.

Diamond Platnumz’s sister, Esma Khan, has tied the knot for the second time in a private Islamic ceremony. The marriage took place on Thursday night and was attended by close family members, including Diamond and Esma’s mother, Mama Dangote, as well as Esma’s children.

Esma is now married to Tanzanian talent manager Jembe One, who expressed his readiness to have her as his wife just moments before the ceremony. He mentioned that he sees their journey together as a challenging one due to the negative comments they have received in the past, but they have remained strong in their love and faith.
Jembe expressed his prayers for continuous happiness, love, and devotion to Allah throughout their marriage.

This is Esma Platnumz’s second marriage, as she was previously married as a third wife to Tanzanian businessman Msizwa. However, their marriage lasted only a few months. Reflecting on her failed first marriage, Esma openly admitted that she rushed into the decision without proper consideration. She acknowledged that the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic played a significant role in her impulsive choice. Esma shared her determination not to repeat the mistakes of her past and emphasized her desire to find a suitable partner and regain her sense of respect. For her, marriage is not only a personal choice but also a religious obligation.

Esma’s wedding to Jembe signifies a fresh start and a new chapter in her life. With the love and support of her family, including her brother Diamond Platnumz, Esma is determined to ensure the success and longevity of her new marriage.


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