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“I Slept With A Handful Of Men In Big Brother Africa” – Kiss FM’s Kwambox Confesses 

Kiss 100 presenter Sheila Kwamboka, widely known as Kwambox, recently peeled back the curtain on her time as a contestant on the reality show Big Brother Africa.

In an illuminating chat on the Mic Cheque Podcast, Kwambox delved into the intricacies of her experiences within the ‘Big Brother’ realm.

Having participated in the third season of Big Brother Africa in 2008 and making a return as an ‘all-star’ in the fifth season, titled ‘Big Brother All-Stars’, in 2010, Kwambox offered insights into the unique dynamics of the ‘Big Brother’ house.

“The house was like stepping into another world,” she remarked. “With CCTV cameras rolling 24/7, there was an unparalleled level of surveillance, except in the toilet area.”

Kwambox revealed that while cameras pervaded nearly every space, the one sanctuary was the toilet, where privacy was respected. However, she noted with a wry smile, “There was a channel where viewers could pay to watch people showering and such.”

Navigating the constant gaze of the cameras, Kwambox admitted to maintaining a semblance of modesty. “I don’t mind being comfortable around other women, but being naked in front of a camera is a different story,” she confessed, revealing her strategy of showering in bikinis.

Addressing the regulations within the house, Kwambox disclosed that apart from the fundamental rule of not causing harm to others, there were few rigid guidelines. “There were no strict do’s and don’ts,” she clarified.

This laissez-faire environment paved the way for various interactions and connections among the housemates, leading to an array of relationships.

This freedom led to various interactions and relationships among housemates.

“I mean I made out with a couple of people. It’s normal. The first time I was in the house, I was there for 8 weeks; the second time, I was there for three months,” Kwambox admitted.

Reflecting on the fluid nature of relationships in the confined space, Kwambox mused, “One moment you’re smitten with someone because they’re charming, but the next, you’re wondering what changed. It’s all part of the rollercoaster.”

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