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“I Am Strong Enough To Go Back To The Ballot Box” Jalang’o Tells Raila 

Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang’o has responded to calls by Raila Odinga for him to resign for betraying the ODM party.

Speaking during an interview on TV47, Jalang’o claimed that he was not afraid of going back to the polls.

However, the Lang’ata MP claimed that it would be stupid of him to resign now when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has not been reconstituted to conduct a by-election

“I am strong enough to go back to the ballot box. But even as we speak we don’t even have IEBC,” Jalang’o said.

“You resign now then you sit there waiting until IEBC will be created in 2026. That would be stupid of me, for lack of a better word,” he added.

Jalang’o insisted that he did not do anything wrong meeting president William Ruto for him to resign.

“Saying that I resign will be validating the fact that I am wrong, yet I didn’t do any wrong. I met the President, who has not met the President. Baba himself has met the President, but people will say Baba is Baba and he can meet anyone. Jalas is also Jalas and he can also meet whoever he wants to meet,” he said.

Jalang’o’s comments comes amidst calls by ODM for Jalang’o and other rebel ODM MPs to resign after they were expelled from the party for going against its position.

The Political Parties Disputes Tribunal temporarily stopped the ODM party from expelling the three lawmakers after they challenged their expulsion over allegations of violating the party’s constitution two weeks ago.

Raila recently defended ODM decision to expel the rebel lawmakers.

Speaking during a meeting with Migori County ODM delegates September 8, 2023, Raila said the party can only be strong when its members are united and disciplined.

The ODM leader rebuked the rebel lawmakers for what he termed as betraying the party, further daring them to resign from their elective seats and seek fresh mandates from the people on new party tickets.

“ODM must be strong as a political party…the party can be strong when there Is discipline….it cannot progress when there are cases of indiscipline,” Raila said.

“We want to see unity…you can’t move to another party claiming that you are looking for development. There are structures the leaders can use to get development. We don’t want betrayal.”

“That’s why we took actions against those not loyal to the party. If you think you are ballsy enough, just come back to the ground,” he added.,


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