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Hungry Hyenas Steal From DP Ruto At His Home

Videos of hungry youths in Karen registering their dissatisfaction to deputy president William Ruto have been trending for the better part of the day.

According to these youths, they were not only left to starve on an empty stomach but did not also have transport to take them back home from Karen.

However, Sonko News has since learnt that William Ruto was a victim of wash wash guys at his Karen home as he gave out money for these youths but these characters (common term for conmen) washed him live and vanished with it into thin air.

According to one man who spoke on behalf of the disappointed youths, he revealed that the money was given out by the second in command to some people but they did not receive even a coin.

This man further added that William Ruto issued instructions that each of them would get a share of the money after the meeting comes to an end. The fact that they never got this money is proof enough that the DP got washed by these cartels.

‚ÄĚ We came here very early to see deputy president William Ruto but some cartels who were given money are yet to give us any coin since we started waiting here. To make it worse, we have not even eaten. We want the deputy president to know that we have not eaten since morning and we have no transport to take us back home. Further, let him know that whatever he provided to be given to us has not been delivered.

It seems this move did not go well with these youths as they began shouting and chanting ODM, Raila, Baba, Uhuru, Raila Tibbim, BBI amongst other terms on their way out of Ruto’s Karen home.

Some even called the second in command all sorts of names such as mwizi in a bid to register their displeasure.

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