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Diana Marua Replies With Fury After Netizens Tell Bahati All He Thinks About Now Is Her

“Alizima nyota ya Bahati ya mziki!” “I am the woman behind his success!” Diana Marua brags.

Over the years, Bahati managed to garner a substantial following in the music industry, captivating fans with his soulful gospel melodies until he ditched it for secular music and content alongside his wife Diana Marua. However, a recent trend on his social media platforms has left some of his loyal supporters feeling disappointed. The excessive focus on his personal life, particularly his wife Diana Marua, has caused a stir among fans who yearn for more of his music.

One fan, Marianita Anne, took to social media to express her disappointment in Bahati’s shift from music to exclusively sharing content about his wife, Diana Marua. Marianita reminisced about the days when his page was filled with Bahati’s musical endeavors and urged him to return to what initially captivated his audience ā€“ his music. She compared Bahati’s social media presence with that of other prominent artists who maintain separate platforms for their music and personal lives.

While fans appreciate glimpses into an artist’s personal life, they also want to see their favorite musicians stay true to their art and continue producing the music that first won over their hearts.

Marianita further emphasizes the distinction between an influencer and a musician.

She urges Bahati to focus on his professional identity as a big artist rather than falling into the influencer trap.

While Diana Marua’s influence and presence in Bahati’s life are acknowledged, fans argue that her content should have its own dedicated platform rather than overshadowing Bahati’s artistic pursuits.

Her comparisons are drawn with other renowned artists such as Diamond, who maintain a professional and focused approach to their social media presence.

Bahati as wife Diana Marua as husbandMarianita Anne says, “We knew you through your music..this page should be about your art..hii page yako ukiscroll ni Diana amejaaa..Ebu try kuangalia other big artists there pages are respectively for what they are known to..ww mtu ata akikuserch kitu ya kwanza ni Diana anaona ..Hakuna kazi zako hapo ..kila siku maisha yako na Diana..Vitu zengine Kama hii Wacha Diana apost kwa page yake ..yy ni influencer ww ni Big Artist..Ebu kuwa serious..Ama u think those big Artists hawapendi bibi zao ndo hawapost ..Alaf kila siku mnasema Oohh Diamond this diamond that..pitia page yake uone how he is so professional and keen on what he posts!

In response to the criticism, Diana Marua took it upon herself to defend her prominent role in Bahati’s success. She pointed out the frequency of her name being mentioned repeatedly in Marianita’s comment and emphasized the fact that she is the woman behind Bahati’s achievements. Her response, though perceived as defensive and braggadocious showed she felt attacked.

“Hii jina Diana umeitaja Mara nyingi in one paragraph. Ya muhimu ni unatambua there is a Woman behind The Successā€¦ say it again, DIANA!!! šŸ˜˜šŸ’™ Diana Marua brags.


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