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Huddah Monroe Explains Why She Loves Late Jomo Kenyatta So Much, Uses His Photo As Her Profile Picture

Huddah Monroe has been using the photo of late president Jomo Kenyatta as her profile picture for the longest time.

The socialite’s Instagram profile has the photo of Kenya’s first president who is a controversial figure.

During a latest Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram, curious Kenyans sought to inquire from Huddah why she loves the late Jomo Kenyatta.

“Why do you love Jomo Kenyatta?” A fan asked.

Huddah explained that Jomo Kenyatta is among the freedom fighters who fought for Kenya’s independence.

She further told her fans to appreciate the first president despite of his shortcoming, arguing that Kenyans would be beggars in other countries if independence heroes like Jomo didn’t fight to end colonialism.

“One of the few people who helped us to not be kicked out like Palestines. Let’s appreciate our heroes even though they also had their shortcomings. They made us have Kenya otherwise we would be beggars in other countries,” Huddah explained.

Huddah Monroe was also a big fan of president William Ruto until he disappointed her after introducing taxes galore that have burdened Kenyans pushing many to the state of despair.

Ruto’s administrations has also proposed a plethora of punitive taxes and already implemented some that are hitting Kenyans hard.

In September 2023, Huddah withdrew her support for Ruto just days after fuel prices in Kenya reached historic high ‚Äď with a litre of petrol in the capital Nairobi retailing at Ksh211.64, while diesel cost Ksh200.99 and kerosene Ksh202.61 at the time.

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