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Voluptuous Milly Chebby Mocks Bullies As Her Weight Loss Begins To Show

Milly Chebby has had to deal with fat shamers for a long time as she struggles to lose weight.

The YouTuber recently had something to smile about as her weight loss journey began to manifest.

A jovial Milly Chebby took to social media to mock fat shamers as she demonstrated how her weight loss journey has turned out to be fruitful.

The YouTuber posted a video with a caption where she revealed that she had been waiting to this weight loss for 4 years.

“Small small wins haki ūü•Ļūü•Ļ my favourite belt no longer fits me happy ūüíÉūüŹĹ Yani it has taken me 4 years wee. Facebook people the bullies ūü§ģ” she wrote.

Milly Chebby in October 2023 revealed her plan to undergo weight loss surgery.

The mother of one, tired of being body shamed, shared on her Instagram that she would undertake one of the procedures to shed weight but did not disclose the specific one.

She listed a number of options she is weighing including tummy tuck, 360 liposuctions, Brazilian Butt Lift, vaginoplasty, gastric balloon, and breast implants.

‚ÄúI will be going for a procedure soon, I‚Äôll be going for one of those you have seen. Very, very, soon,‚ÄĚ Milly Chebby said.

It seems Milly Chebby underwent one of those weight loss procedures already.

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