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“Hii Ni Allergy, Siliangi” Mulamwah Gets Emotional Over New Ride

Ruth K could not hold back her tears when her husband Mulamwah pulled the surprise of their new ride, a Mercedes Benz E250.

Ruth recounted the difficult moments they went through while being carless.

At one point, they were forced to order taxi 5 times but each of the driver declined to take them to their destination saying they don’t go there, yet it was almost midnight.

In another incident, one of their friends humiliated them after being stranded in Naivasha with a friend’s car.

“The way we have been struggling. Kuna siku tulioder taxi msee akacancel na tulikuwa tunataka kuharakisha place tulikuwa tunaenda. I am just so grateful. I am just excited. I am so thankful to God, everything is just possible,” the excited mother of one said.

“Unakumbuka tulikwama Naivasha tukaambiwa tuko stranded. Tulienda na gari ya beshte yetu huko ikaharibika. Tukarudishwa na ya msee kufika huku anatangaza ati si tulikuwa tumekwama,” Mulamwah recounted on his side.

He added that he didn’t know one day he would be a car owner when he used to walk on foot while working at Kenyatta National Hospital.

He further said that he couldn’t wait to drive his grandmother and father in the vehicle.

“Nataka nibebe mzae Unajua hata nilikuwa nimekwama doh kiasi akanitumia na hana,” Mulamwah emotionally shared.” Amesacrifice sana.”

“Nataka tu nipeleke home niwache huko. Sitakangi gari, sionangi need yake ni nini. Nataka tu nipeleke yeye akae nayo for some time, ile time atataka tu askie poa.”

Ruth said that Mulamwah’s father would be happy for the achievement because he is the one who understands the far he had come from.

“Nakuanga na shida ya macho, hio ni allergy, Mi siliangi” the comedian joked about his emotions



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