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“Hata Mtoto Hajamea Meno”Anger As Mulamwah Dances Suggestively With Maandy

Netizens have warned comedian Mulamwah of the consequences that might befell his young baby after he danced suggestively with singer Maandy.

In the video that was shared by Maandy, the duo were recorded at Milele FM studios, where the comedian works as a presenter.

They were dancing to Maandy’s Mapenzi undercover. The female rapper whined her waist as Mulamwah danced behind her.

Reacting to the video, comedian 2mbili told Mulamwah that he is not supposed to be involved with such activities when he just had a baby recently.

“Luos call this chira. You ain’t supposed to be involved in such when you have a new baby,” he wrote .

“Huyu kijana atapea mtoto chira sasa dyudyu lake husimama ovyoo,” another netizen warned.

“Hata mtoto hajamea meno,” read a separate comment.

Others however suggested that Maandy will soon be Mulamwah’s bestie, and she will end up being another of his baby mamas.

Several others couldn’t help but ponder about Ruth K’s reaction after coming across the controversial video.

The comedian and his wife welcomed their son in February and he is currently a month with several weeks old.

Speaking on motherhood, Ruth said it was not a walk in the park as much as it brings joy.

“Motherhood is sweet. I cannot complain, but it has many ups and downs. There are many challenges, but we still push on and try our best,” she shared in a YouTube video.

During the first weeks of breastfeeding, she said it was a painful experience as her breasts developed sores.

“I felt so much pain until I would shed tears. I had some painful wounds which made me uncomfortable and uneasy. I would breastfeed in all styles and positions, looking for a comfortable way to breastfeed my son Kalamwah,” the first time mother narrated.


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