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Hellen Wendy’s Former Classmate Accused Of Embezzling Funeral Contributions 

Sarah Orege, a former classmate and friend of the late Hellen Wendy, has come out to address claims she embezzled funeral contributions.

Orege was accused of embezzling Ksh100,000 contributed through a WhatsApp group which was raised to help with the funeral arrangements.

Speaking in an interview, Orege said Ksh40,000 was raised through the WhatsApp group but she was conned the money before submitting it to Wedny’s family.

She claims that one of the group members sent her a message claiming his sister was sick and he needed the money urgently.

“This guy inboxed me and we became friends. For two to three weeks, we shared a lot. So one day he told me his bank cards were not operating and his sister was in hospital so he needed Ksh60,000 from me urgently,” she said.

Orege said he sent the guy some money but he kept calling asking for more, claiming his sister had died and needed the money for her burial.

The man allegedly blocked Orege after she sent him more money that he had asked for.

Revealing the information to the group members did not go well as many claimed she had stolen from them. She however asked for more time to raise the Ksh40,000 by herself which she will then send to Wendy’s parents.

Hellen Wendy met her death while live-streaming her swimming session on Facebook.

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