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Hackers Post Lungula Video After Hacking Ndindi Nyoro Facebook Account

Hackers have posted a steamy lungula video after taking over Ndindi Nyoro Facebook page.

Nyoro confirmed the security breach through a post on his X page, assuring his constituents that efforts are underway to reclaim control from the unidentified hackers.

In his statement, Nyoro acknowledged the hacking incident, stating, “My Facebook page was hacked yesterday. We are trying to resolve the problem.”

Despite the setback, the National Assembly’s Budget and Appropriations Committee chair remains optimistic about the ongoing efforts to regain control of his social media platform.

The last post on Nyoro’s compromised Facebook page was a New Year message to Kenyans, emphasizing unity and prosperity in the upcoming year. The legislator’s social media presence has been significant, with the page amassing a substantial following of 562,000 users.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino corroborated Nyoro’s claim of the hacking, revealing that the perpetrators are attempting to solicit money by impersonating the legislator. Owino cautioned the public against falling victim to such scams and urged increased vigilance on social media platforms.

Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi also weighed in on the situation, advising Kenyans to disregard any updates or inbox messages from the compromised account.

In a statement, Itumbi reassured the public, saying, “Please take note that hackers have taken control of the FB profile of Ndindi Nyoro and the official page. We are working to recover and restore the pages.”


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