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Allan Namu Reveals Fresh Details On What Happened The Night Edwin Chiloba Was Murdered

Kenyans were shocked when a lifeless body was found concealed in a huge metal box, only for news to break that it was Edwin Chiloba.

Investigative journalist Allan Namu has delved into the enigmatic events leading up to the tragic death of gay model and fashionista Edwin Chiloba. The gripping narrative unfolds a New Year’s celebration at Tamasha in Eldoret, where Edwin, his photographer and love interest Jacktone Odhiambo, and a handful of friends ushered in the year with joy and laughter.

As the night slept away, Edwin, accompanied by two friends and neighbors, set out to secure a taxi for the journey back home. Meanwhile, Jacktone reportedly remained behind, reluctant to end the celebration so abruptly.

Edwin, tired from the festivities of the night, quickly succumbed to sleep in the cab, leaving Jacktone to join them later.

The four eventually reached their destination at the Noble Breeze apartments, where Edwin and Jacktone resided together.

However, the night took a dark turn when a neighbor reported hearing a distant yet unmistakable scream coming from the direction of Edwin and Jacktone’s apartment.

The chilling sound pierced the air, leaving an unforgettable memory in its wake.

The following day, Jacktone, now in possession of both his and Edwin’s phones, visited the same friends they had celebrated with the night before.

Jacktone allegedly mentioned leaving Edwin asleep at home.

Days later, the shocking discovery sent shock and disbelief in Kenya as Edwin’s lifeless body was found concealed in a huge metal box.

Namu’s documentary will unravel the sequence of events, raising crucial questions about the circumstances surrounding Edwin Chiloba’s demise.

The investigation is in the quest for answers to this tragic tale of a New Year’s celebration gone awry.


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