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Habida Explains Why She Didn’t Join ‘Me Too’ Movement Even Though She Is A Victim Of Rape

Sultry singer Habida lost her virginity through a tragic rape ordeal but she does not want to use her experience for sympathy.

Speaking about her own experiences of sexual abuse during an interview on the Iko Nini podcast with Mwafreeka, Habida urged the society to acknowledge that men go through sexual abuse as well.

She went on to say that men suffer in silence because of fear of being judged by society.

The sultry singer noted that in spite of being a sexual assault victim, she never joined the ‘Me Too’ movement because according to her it’s an attack on men.

“I’m not an advocate, I didn’t join the ‘Me Too’ movement because it seems diluted. Men are raped too.

“If we open a door for men to say that they have been raped, more would come out. Shida ni hamtaki kujiongea, ama you guys hamtaki kujiaribia sifa,” she stated.

Mwafreeka went on to point out that the reason why men don’t speak up about rape is because of societal scepticism surrounding the idea that a woman can’t overpower a man.

Habida lost her virginity to a man she knew very well, he raped her after preying on her for a long time.

In an interview with Radio Citizen, Habida revealed how she was raped by a man from her clique.

“One of them would tell me, I will get you one day. I was a virgin then. So one day, I got a little bit too drunk and the story is, he was taking me home. I never got home that night,” said Habida.

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