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Bernice Saroni Admits She Helped Edday Run Away From Kenya To Be Far Away From Samidoh And Karen Nyamu

Edday and her kids left for US on a vacation only to get there and seek asylum with the help of Bernice.

Edday Nderitu and her three children left the US in May 2023 and were even escorted to the airport by Samidoh.

The mother of three lied to her husband that the trip was sponsored so she had to go to the US for a vacation with kids.

She took to her social media accounts to thank the Mimshack homes team for sponsoring the trip and also for seeing off his family at JKIA as they were jetting off to US.

“Thank you The Mimshack Homesteam led by your Director Damaris Ngina Precious for seeing my family and I off to USA. The Mimshack Homes has an amazing project in Diani coming up.Make sure you don’t miss out,” she wrote.

However, on getting to the US, Edday sought asylum which allowed her to stay in America indefinitely.

To seek asylum, one must already be in the U.S. and believed to be in danger of persecution if they return to their country.

A source said Edday applied for asylum claiming she was fearing for her life and those of her children because her husband Samidoh, who is a police officer, had eloped with a well-connected senator, Karen Nyamu, who threatened her.

Some people have been blaming Bernice Saroni for helping Edday relocate to the US without Samidoh’s approval.

TikTok user Charity K recently commented on a video of Bernice talking about hiding her man and slammed her for inciting Edday to leave her marriage.

“Ndo maana ulitoa Edday kwake,” Charity K commented.

“Yes and am very proud of myself,” Bernice Saroni responded to Charity K.

Bernice Saroni ultimately decided to upload a video where she addressed Charity K and all critics who have been accusing her of wrecking Samidoh and Edday’s marriage.

The mother of four boys stressed that she was super proud to help Edday relocate to the US with her three children.

Bernice further noted that Edday was way happier and at peace in America.

“Side chick yani si hii kitu imewauma na hamtoshekangi. Actually I am super super proud of myself what I did for her. Bringing her to the US, wee unafikiria kukuja US ni rahisi? Na kukuja mbaka na watoi! I am super proud of myself. And let me tell you one thing, today being Thanksgiving one thing that I am grateful to God for is for Edith being in the US. Hamuoni venye anaglow? Huoni venye watoto wake glow mhh? Ama kama hujamuona of late ebu enda kwa page yake umuangalie vile anakaa vizuri, anakaa tu doh. She is blessed, she is happy, she is at peace then ufikirie ati ntafeel vibaya? Aiii, ati ju mimi ni single mom sasa munanijudge ati nilimtoa kwa boma yake? Let me tell you wewe what do you do your family? Do you support your family or you kill them with your word? Actually wewe unakaa tu watu wa kusengenya familia yako let me tell you as we spread love,” Bernice Saroni said in the TikTok video.


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