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Netizens React After A Kenyan, Jano Posts Video Of Her Saudi Boss’ Huge Snake Pet

“Fire in the name of Jesus!” “God take away poverty in my house may we never get to be sl@ves in a foreign land!” Netizens react to a video of Jano in the kitchen doing chores.

A Kenyan woman named Jano recently shared a video on social media that has sparked widespread concern and outrage. In the video, filmed at her workplace in Saudi Arabia, Jano shows her employer’s large snake, which is kept as a pet.

The video has raised questions about the welfare of workers in foreign countries, especially those working as domestic helpers. Keeping a large snake as a pet in a household setting poses significant risks, not only to the workers mental health but also adds to their trauma.

Many viewers expressed shock and disbelief at the sight of such a huge and unusual pet in a domestic environment.

The video has drawn attention to the rights and protections afforded to migrant workers, particularly in countries with different cultural norms.

Many netizens say they would not be comfortable working in such a place even as they chase the common enemy which is poverty.

Jano’s decision to share the video reflects a growing trend of using social media to shed light on important issues and raise awareness about potential hazards faced by migrant workers abroad most of which has been mentioned before.

Some prayed that God protects her and hope she will get a better job.

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